Treadmill Video without vs with ProStims

Treadmill Video of patient diagnosed as having Rothbarts Foot

Above Treadmill Video was taken of a patient diagnosed as having Rothbarts Foot

Frame 1 -  note excessive midfoot pronation, left foot (white arrow)

Frame 2 -  Note the correction in the midfoot pronation, left foot, using proprioceptive insoles (white arrow)

Frame 3 -  Note excessive rearfoot pronation at heel left, left foot (white arrow) and outtoe at heel contact, right foot (white arrow)

Frame 4 -  Note the biomechanical improvement in the placement of the left foot at heel lift and right foot at heel contact using proprioceptive insoles (see white arrows)

Case 2 - Extrapolated frames taken from another treadmill video showing the improvements obtained using proprioceptive insoles in a patient diagnosed as having Rothbarts Foot.

Treadmill Video Patient Dx RFT with vs wihout ProStims

Treadmill Video patient diagnosed with Primus Metatarsus Supinatus (aka Rothbarts Foot)

Case 3 -  Demonstrating the improvement in foot abduction and midstance hyperpronation using Proprioceptive Insoles in a patient diagnosed as having Rothbarts Foot

Treadmill Analysis - Case 3 demonstrating improvement using ProStims in RFS

Case 3 - Treadmill Video demonstrating improvement in gait parameters using ProStims in a RFS

Case 4 -  Treadmill video demonstrating how the proprioceptive signal generated by the proprioceptive insoles can be distorted by unstable shoes

ProStim signal distorted by unstable shoes

Treadmill Video - unstable shoes distorting proprioceptive signal

Professor/Dr Brian A Rothbart

Research Director,International Academy RPT

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