TFPM Coverol
Paperback: 402 pages (electronic download also available)

Publisher: The Write Fit (May 2010)

Language: English

Book Description

The Flexible Periodization Method describes a FLEXIBLE, RESULT-producing way of creating individualized, long-term training programs for the fitness enthusiast, world class athlete and everybody in between.

Eighteen years of research, thousands of hours of creating training programs, and thousands of hours in the gym working with world class and Olympic athletes have contributed to the creation of this book.

The Flexible Periodization Method is a practical, yet science-based book on creating long-term training plans. Learn how Chinese war tactics might be relevant to periodization; how to combine strength and energy systems training for maximal results, and why the importance of maximal strength for sports is often misunderstood. Gain the knowledge of seven different block templates complete with details for program structure, exercise selections, volume and intensity, and method variations. Discover how to combine the seven blocks to create a macrocycle for ANY length of preparation period and ANY length and type of competition period. Pull together all of the above with 8 key steps to create an individualized training program for a macrocycle.

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Find out more about The Flexible Periodization Method at Flexible Periodization and

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