Spring Ligament Laxity Banner

Spring Ligament Laxity Banner

Spring Ligament Laxity Anatomy and Function

Anatomy and Function of Spring Ligament

Fluoroscopy of the Rearfoot Spring Lig Laxity

Fluoroscopy of the Rearfoot - results suggestive of a partial Spring Ligament tear/stretch

Fluoroscopy of the Rearfoot Description

Description of Findings of Rear Foot Fluoroscopy

Spring Ligament Laxity Xray of Foot

Lateral Xray of Foot with laxity of Spring Ligament


A Weight Bearing Xray taken of a foot with the PreClinical Clubfoot Deformity and a foot with Spring Ligament Laxity will look very similar.

Beightons Grading General Intro

Grading of Ligamentous Laxity using Beightons Scoring

Above diagrams presents the algorithm taking grading the degree of ligamentous laxity in the patient.  A score of 3 or higher is suggestive of the presence of ligament laxity.

Beightons Grading Interpretation of Results

Beightons Score - Interpretation of

Professor/Dr Brian A Rothbart

Director of Research, International Academy of RPT

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