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Abnormal Pronation of the Right Foot Displaces the Right Innominate Bone Anteriorly

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Current research (2014) predominantly confirms the coupling between abnormal foot pronation and anterior rotation of the innominates.  When the abnormal pronation pattern is significantly asymmetrical, it can result in a short leg syndrome.

Two pathomechanical models are suggested explaining this link between abnormal foot pronation and resulting short leg syndrome:

1)  Abnormal pronation displaces the innominates anteriorly, which shifts the acetabulums cephalad.  The more cephalad acetabulum results in that leg functioning short.

2)  The alternative pathomechanical model is presented above.

Regardless of which pathomechanical explanation proves correct, the coupling between abnormal pronation and short leg syndrome remains constant.

Professor Brian A Rothbart

Research Director, International Academy RPT

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