General Athlepedia Highlights

Check out some of the more popular categories of Athlepedia content...

A category of exercises, the bread and butter of fitness.
A category of articles about anatomy of the human body.
A category for articles about influential people in the fitness industry.
Training Methodologies and Principles
A category for articles detailing various training methodologies and principles in use.
A category for articles about nutrition.
A category for articles about equipment used in physical conditioning, etc.
For more general and looser groupings of users, check out Athlepedia projects.

Athlepedia projects are a place for like minded people to work on areas of the wiki!
Find out more on Athlepedia:Projects!

Some specific projects
Mini projects
  • Clean up, enhance, and create more robust Help pages - especially formatting, naming and combined format.
Got a project of your own? [Add it here!]

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