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"Muscle-Up" redirects here. For the parkour muscle-up, see Muscle-Up (parkour).

The Muscle-Up


The Muscle-Up is a good test of upper body strength. Photo from [ CrossFit West Santa Cruz

  • Name: Muscle-up
  • Other Names: None
  • Difficulty: High
  • Origins: Gymnastics

The muscle-up is a basic gymnastic skill, done on gymnastics rings or a pullup bar, where one executes a powerful pullup followed by a transition directly into a dip. Proper execution of a muscle-up is dependent upon several factors: a strong false grip, a high pull to facilitate a smooth transition, and keeping the rings close to the body.


thumb|298px|left|Demonstration of a muscle-up on a pullup bar. thumb|300px|left|30 Muscle-Ups for time.

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