Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Rodale Press; (2008)
Language: English

Book Description

From Men's Health Training Guide 2008:

Unleash your potential--and get the body you've always wanted

What if you rolled out of bed tomorrow morning and found your love handles had mysteriously disappeared and that extra bulk had conveniently migrated to your biceps? Sadly, we all know that's not gonna happen. Not without some heavy anesthesia and a really sharp scalpel. You don't need a plastic surgeon or a minor miracle to get back in shape. You have the power to transform your body--build muscle, burn fat, and really say goodbye to that paunch for good--and the Men's Health Training Guide 2008 can help you see results fast.[1]

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  1. Men's Health (2008). Men's Health Training Guide 2008. US: Rodale Press. 

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