One of his slogans is: 'In spite of all, against all odds.'

I have started doing sport in 2000 and I come from a sports family. I practiced boxing and I did judo till the moment I went into the gym and I loved bodybuilding. Since then, I have done the weight lifting and it is my true love. My first competition was in 2005, where I won and became the state junior champion. Thereafter, my successful sports career, in bodybuilding and fitness, has started and so far I won the the following:

Overall champion of IRONMAN Eurocup 2014

Mr. Universe 2013. WORLD CHAMPION

Arnold classic 2011 - silver medal IFBB

Absolute champion of Serbia 2010. IFBB

Champion of Balkan IFBB

Multi national champion IFBB

Along the sports career, I also do the training work with the recreational and contestants. I possess a state work permit as an operative trainer for bodybuilding and fitness as well as an international diploma that is recognized in 218 countries, issued by the Academy for bodybuilding and fitness in Madrid, and also the certificate 'ADVANCED BODYBUILDING AND FITNESS TRAINER SPECIALIST'.

I have successfully worked as an individual and a personal trainer for five years with a host of satisfied clients, predominantly VIP and public figures. I have got my own competitive team 'Bakic' which has dozens of members and a few of them are champions in different disciplines and categories in Bodybuilding, Fitness, Body Fitness, Bikini and weight lifting. I took part in some state charities and I had a great number of seminars in the countries of the former Yugoslavia about the youth motivation in doing some sports, healthy diet, proper training, the supplements use, as well as the prevention in socio-pathological and deviant phenomenon in the society with the slogan 'The more youth in the gym, the less crime in the streets'.

I graduated at the Academy of Criminology and Police Studies in 2010, with the title 'Criminology of the first degree' and I work as an instructor for specialized training.

For more information, please visit his official sites:

We will also publish more articles about this successful champion in the future. Try to be like he is.

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