12.75 second Illinois Agility Drill.

Adminstering the Illinois Agility Run

The athlete lays on the ground in a prone position. They then get up and sprint 10 meters and return. They then negotiate 4 obstacles and return through the obstacles. The test concludes with another 10m sprint and return. The test is measured in 10ths of seconds if hand timed, or 100ths of seconds if electronically timed.

Illinois Agility Test Results
Gender poor Fair Average Good exellent
Male > 18.3 secs 18.3 - 18.2 secs 18.1 - 16.2 secs 16.1 - 15.2 secs < 15.2 secs
Female > 23.0 secs 23.0 - 21.8 secs 21.7 - 18.0 secs 17.9 - 17.0 secs < 17.0 secs

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