“I think one of the greatest contributions CrossFit will continue to make is to inspire people to view themselves not just as human beings but as human athletes.”

– Greg Amundson


Greg Amundson is the founder and instructor of the CrossFit Goal Setting Trainer Course. Greg has been training and coaching CrossFit for over 10 years.

Greg started his CrossFit training in December 2001 at the original CrossFit Headquarters gym in Santa Cruz, California. As an athlete at the first CrossFit gym, Greg was coached and mentored by CrossFit Founder “Coach” Greg Glassman for over seven years.

Since 2003, Greg has assisted Coach Glassman on the training staff of the CrossFit Certification’s and Seminars. With the launch of the CrossFit Headquarters website and CrossFit Journal, Greg was instrumental in providing the photograph and video content that has been viewed by thousands of people worldwide. Much of the early video footage of Greg’s workouts and technique demonstrations, including the first CrossFit DVD called “Try This At Home” have been credited with inspiring the current generation of CrossFit athletes to begin their CrossFit training. In 2007, Greg and his wife Mallee were gifted ownership of CrossFit Santa Cruz directly from Coach Glassman.

Greg has been referred to by his peers as an “Ambassador of CrossFit” and the “Original CrossFit Firebreather.” Greg has traveled around the world teaching the movements, theory and practical application of CrossFit.

Greg is a frequent contributor to the CrossFit Journal and works for CrossFit Inc. as the Law Enforcement Liaison. In addition, Greg and is wife Mallee own and operate CrossFit Amundson. Greg served in full time Law Enforcement for over twelve years in numerous capacities to include details as a SWAT Operator and Sniper in Santa Cruz County, CA. and a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Border Enforcement Security Task Force (BEST) Team. In October 2011, Greg resigned from full time Law Enforcement to devote himself entirely to CrossFit. He continues to serve as a Reserve Peace Officer in Santa Cruz, CA. and as an Officer in the US Army National Guard where he teaches leadership at the US Army Officer Candidate School in San Luis Obispo, CA.


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