Pure APDP Rt

Pronation Pattern: Right > Left

Pure Ascending Postural Distortional Pattern (Initiated by Abnormal Foot Pronation)

1)  Right Foot Pronated > Left Foot

2)  Innominates Anteriorly Rotated, Right > Left.  Acetabulums Displaced Cephalad, Right > Left resulting in a Functional Short Right Leg.  Standing, the Pelvis Tilts (unlevels) to the right.

3)  This Unleveling of the Pelvis Distorts the spinal curves (Above animation demonstrates the resulting frontal plane distortions in the spinal curves.)

4)  Shoulders unlevel, Right High, Left Low

5)  Head Tilts to the Right

Professor/Dr Brian A Rothbart

Senior Researcher, International Academy RPT

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